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Objects of Power

Creator Staff of Light

Creator Staff of Light is a blessed and empowered object of light that allows a practitioner to manifest her desires into the physical world...

Price: $3600.00 (€3132.00)
Demiurge Knife of Power & Light
Forged by a disciple of ancient magi practices and inscribed and blessed by Buddhist Monk, the Demiurge Knife of Power allows it's owner to project and create his desires into the physical world and banish any negative energy, attachments and obstacles. It is a powerful tool of manifestation of wealthy, good health and protection, as well as Spiritual Growth. It is Object of Divine Light… (click on item for more details)

Price: $11000.00 (€9570.00)
Gnostic Sun Ring of Wisdom
Gnostic Sun Ring of Wisdom allows the wearer to connect with their divine self and realize their inner divinity while connecting deeply to the radiance of the Sun...

Price: $7333.00 (€6379.71)
Lord Buddha Amulet (SOLD)

Lord Buddha represents Peace, Harmony and Happiness. This is a sacred Amulet blessed by a Buddhist Monk from Thailand that brings forth peace, harmony and protection for the user.... 

Price: $600.00 (€522.00)
Quantity Out of stock
Rare Medicine Buddha Tibetan Thangka

The Medicine Buddha is one of the most popular Buddhas in the world and is revered as the source of the healing arts. This sacred Tibetan Thangka is an original hand painted work from Tibetan Buddhist Monks and is a powerful Mandala.  It is empowered with the peaceful and healing energy of the Medicine Buddha.... 

Price: $16300.00 (€14181.00)
Rod of Protection for Prosperity in Business (SOLD)

This rare empowered Rod of Protection will bring prosperity, protection and growth and development in business to its owner. A Thai Buddhist Monk used sacred techniques to consecrate and to empower the rod while in deep meditation....

Price: $450.00 (€391.50)
Quantity Out of stock
Sacred Blessing Bowl

This is an old and rare small sized bronze Buddhist holy water vessel from Thailand. Similar vessels are used by Buddhist Monks in Temples for blessing, purification and creating balance in people and their surroundings.... 

Price: $1100.00 (€957.00)
Serenity Wand

Healing and calming wand that is empowered with the energy of the Divine Trinity...

Price: $1100.00 (€957.00)
The Brahma Blessing Staff (SOLD)

The Brahma Blessing Staff is an extremely rare and powerful Staff that is used to bestow blessings and empowerment. The inscriptions around the staff are invocations and Words of Power. I invite you to explore this item further...

Price: $1100.00 (€957.00)
Quantity Out of stock
The Dragon Primordial Ring

A powerful double Dragon Ring dating back to 10th century AD. It hold powerful protective properties and the ability to expand consciouness. I invite you to learn more...

Price: $9300.00 (€8091.00)
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