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Welcome to Zen Gardens Emporium View Sacred Items

Create The Life You Deserve - Spiritual Tools For Modern Times
You deserve success and a life you love. Zen Gardens Emporium is your marketplace for blessed and empowered objects from around the world that will help you create it. All of the items have been handpicked by us during our travels to Nepal, Tibet, Thailand, India, China, Peru, the US (Mt. Shasta), and other countries around the world.

We believe that we are members of a global community and our goal is to connect people from around the world through the items that we offer.  We connect our customers both to the artisans who made the items and also to the energy of the place where the items come from, creating a web of goodwill around the world. View our Sacred Items
We give back at least 10% of our net sales to non-profit organizations in the communities where we source our products. We will announce where the donation for the month is going on our Facebook page. So head over, “like” our Facebook page, and receive our announcements.
Empowered Amulets, Objects & Collectibles
The most unique items that we offer are the empowered protective amulets, objects and collectibles. Many cultures and disciplines throughout the world use certain items called amulets, talismans and objects as a powerful means to maintain balance, serenity, peace and protection for themselves and their environment. These items clear the energies in your environment and empower you to approach every situation from a balanced center. Each item carries unique properties, such as increasing prosperity, improving your health, improving relationships, and providing energetic protection. We work with locals from many cultures throughout the world to offer these unique items and collectibles so you can explore them for yourself. Each item is handpicked for its authenticity and abilities. We designate the uniqueness and empowerment of an item its description. 
Meditation Tools and other items
All of the meditation tools and other items have been chosen because we use them in our personal practice and they will help you connect to your inner wisdom.  
Check back often! We continuously update our product offering. Looking for something specific – we’ll help you find it. Sign up for our Newsletter for our latest updates. 
May you have prosperity, good health and peace on your journey.

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